Fundraising Shouldn’t Be This Hard

Fundraising should not be a pull out your hair stressful experience, but before embarking on any type of fundraising journey be sure to ask yourself the following key planning questions:

How much money needs to be raised?

  • Start with an idea of how much money it will take to accomplish your goal(s)

How fast do you need to raise it?

  • You can organize a bake sale and make a hundred dollars in seed money quickly
  • A product sale can raise a significant amount in a short period of time
  • A major event like an auction or trivia night can take several months to organize and promote

What are your volunteer resources?

  • Large fundraisers are terrific for building community, but require a lot of volunteer hours and significant organizational skill
  • If you don’t have enough volunteers to share the workload, the committee chairing the fundraiser will most likely be exhausted and frustrated by the time the event rolls around
  • Product sales generally don’t do much for your community spirit, but they can be run by a few people over a relatively short span of time

What kind of fundraiser will your community support?

  • Chat with your group members at your next meeting/gathering to gauge interest in doing a fundraiser
  • If you are thinking of selling a product, gauge the interest in that product
  • Find out how much people would be willing to spend and whether they prefer just one fundraiser or a few throughout the year

Even if you have all of the answers to the above questions, deciding to fundraise can still seem a bit daunting. The key is to have support from a majority of your members (there are always going to be those members who don’t like fundraising) and pick the fundraiser that fits your group. You can always start small and then become more adventurous as your group becomes more experienced doing fundraisers.

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