Fundraising the My Saver Way

We realize that running a fundraising campaign can seem like a daunting task. In most cases the fundraising coordinator is the project, marketing, inventory and accounting manager all rolled into one. This can take up a huge amount of time and most of the results can seem less than impressive considering all of the work that went into coordinating and running a campaign.

If the above statements seem remotely familiar then please let us introduce you to fundraising the My Saver way. Our online fundraising program is a simple and comprehensive solution where we provide you everything you need to run a successful campaign.

Nationwide Savings

Your group’s supporters get access to the My Saver Merchant Discount Program. Savings from 15%, 25% and 50% from national, name brand merchants.

Custom Sales / Order Website

My Saver will create a custom online sales web page for your supporters to purchase access to the My Saver Digital Merchant Discount Program. Click here to see a sample Online Sales Order Page.

Marketing Materials

We supply everything needed for your campaign: Program Overview for your members, Sample Sales Script (email and social media) for your members to provide to friends/family.

Payment Collection

My Saver collects all payments on your behalf through our secure online credit card payment process

Activation Email

After My Saver collects payment, your supporter will receive an email with a Membership Activation Code, Registration and Mobile App download instructions.

Simple Reporting

My Saver provides and online group sales results page so every member can track how their sales are going.

Your Requirements

All your group needs to do is reach out (call, email, social media) to your friends and family telling them about your fundraiser and provide them the link to your organization’s custom web page. My Saver takes care of the rest!

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